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A one-stop solution for organizations to engage and hire talent digitally. FlexC's AI-powered recruitment management system assists you in hiring permanent, flexible and contractual employees - fulfilling all your staffing requirements.

FlexC Hire

  • Best platform to hire employees & manage your permanent workforce.
  • Access our high quality talent pool through a self expanding recruiter network.
  • AI assisted - Curation , Resume Filtration, Shortlisting and Complete onboarding process

FlexC Contract

  • An entirely automated procedure for managing your contractor journey digitally, including hiring → milestones tracking → invoicing → candidate review and ratings
  • Onboard your existing contractors on the platform for effortless business operations
  • Re-hire your known set of professionals
  • FlexC provides completely managed outsourcing services

FlexC Freelance

  • Hire Freelancers online through our End-to-End digital platform
  • Access a high quality repository of 17000+ freelancers
  • Project Submission → Shortlist → Hire Freelancers→ Track Milestones → Generate Invoice→ Tax Compliance digitally
  • Quality control tools for talent management

FlexC Force

  • Customize our platform to suit your brand requirements and reach larger talent & agency network
  • Avoid long implementation cycles with our ready to use platform
  • Onboarding & invoicing done digitally
  • Download real time candidate data and reports through your personalized dashboard

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We are here to change the future of workforce, making it easier to transform your recruiting process into something that is quick, efficient and continuously rewarding.

Why Become A FlexC Enterprise?

It’s time to transition from HRTech to Worktech using our AI-driven platform.FlexC saves your time and efforts by aggregating the best-in-class talent available for full time, part-time and contractual roles.


A centralised dashboard to display all the open positions of your organisation.


Candidate hiring process made simple and transparentAccess new applicants → Shortlist → Share assessments → Interview → Hire


Hiring is a collaborative process. With no limit on the user count, onboard as many team members as you need, to efficiently conduct your hiring process.