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FlexC is a one stop destination to achieve your enthusiastic entrepreneurial dream. To become a million dollar company, it’s necessary to get your

Idea validated first

Preparing the right pitch deck

Building the best financial model

These are the primary steps for every startup to reach the fundraising stage.

Looking for these services? You have come to the right platform!

Just register your startup and start looking for the best-in-class consultants to help you in your fundraising journey.

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Fund Raise

We help startups and organizations in their end-to-end fundraise journey.

Idea Validation

Before you put away money and time on your idea, first validate it, limit hazards and open its latent capacity. Sign up for a meeting today and get your business idea validated in no time.

Business Plan

Risk taking is inseparable from business. How to create a strong business plan for any industry? Save time and Cut the stress as FlexC brings you all the solutions under one platform!

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck is your first deliverable to investors. Get professional help to give your best shot. Let our master team at FlexC, set up an amazing Pitch Deck for you.

Financial Modelling

Financial Model is The Heart of Any Business Plan/Pitch Deck. We understand what numbers and measurements click with speculators.

End-to-End Fund Raise

FlexC connects you with the best-in-class consultants who will act as your partner throughout your fundraise journey.

FlexC - Pricing


Do-It-Yourself Model

2000.00(excl. tax)
1200.00(excl. tax)
  • Registration is Free, Posting of Project is chargeable
  • Pay a flat charge upfront and utilize the platform to the fullest.
  • Benefit from our exclusive matching AI algorithm and find the best consultant as per your requirements.
  • Shortlist and hire from best-in class fund raise consultants available on platform and engage with them for your requirements.
  • Schedule meetings on the platform itself
  • Creation of Milestone , meetings setup and chat with hired consultants during the execution.
  • Invoice Processing and Pay securely on the platform

Account Manager model

6000.00(excl. tax)
5000.00(excl. tax)

Relationship Manager will be assigned to you in order to assist you with the services mentioned below:

  • Filter and coordinate with consultants for your project requirement such as idea validation, pitch deck creation, financial modelling, entire fundraise process, etc.
  • Review and craft a detailed project post
  • Providing the list of shortlisted consultants using the AI Engine and FlexC database.
  • Coordinate with both the parties to extract all the additional information. (e.g., charges, resume, turnaround time etc.)
  • Assistance in creating project milestones
  • Regular check-ins/updates to check the project progress based on the expectations and milestones agreed upon

Some of the prominent consultants on fund raising

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: FlexC is a platform that connects you with the best-in-class consultants/consulting firms to help you raise capital. With over 150 consultants specialized in helping start-ups in their end to end fundraise journey starting from Idea Validation, Business Plan, Pitch deck preparation, Financial Modeling, and Fund raise.
A: FlexC is a one stop shop for the start-up journey process; the platform gives a chance to the organizations to connect with the best-in-class consultants specializing in raising funds. Once the consultant is hired, the consultants would then connect with the investment bankers/ VC’s/ Angel Investors to help you get the funds you require. FlexC will not connect you directly with the investors.
A: You need to register on the platform as an organisation to get access to your dashboard and to be able to post a project describing your requirement. Once you have posted your project requirements (This could be end-to-end capital raise or just preparing a pitch deck), our proprietary algorithm with match you with the best-in-class consultants and investment bankers who can assist you in your requirements
A: No, FlexC helps you to connect with the best-in-class consulting firms/independent consultants who have access to the VC’s/Investors. The consultants would hand-hold you throughout the process of crafting your business model in an attractive way for the investors.
A: No, FlexC is an ecosystem for organisations including Start-Ups to access best-in-class consultants for all their requirements including technology, part time CFO etc.
A: Registering on the platform is free of cost. However, you have to pay for posting the project on per project basis depending upon the model (DIY model/ Account Manager Model)- you have chosen. Please go through the pricing section to know more details about it See pricing .