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Role of funding consultant for startups

As the name suggests, a fundraising consultant helps charities/non-profit organizations raise money exercises to assist them with accomplishing the outcomes they like. They are either people or an organization with long stretches of involvement within the field. They carry their ability and viewpoint to the table so you can take a gander at things from another point of view and plan for, looking at things from a new perspective and plan for the long run as opposed to staying stuck with a transient vision.

A dominant part of start-ups and early-stage companies face the uncertainty of raising capital, which regularly implies going to outside experts for help. The most well-known figures related to raising support counsel/use are fundraising experts.

The scope of work commonly include idea validations, Pitch Deck, financial valuations/modelling etc, which are either activity or success fee based, depending on the outcomes they receive on the assigned project. . Association and the board of an information room are regularly likewise remembered for the scope of work.

They are additionally equipped for giving a holistic approach that most start-ups would have in any case not approached. These folks are experts and subsequently have networks with individuals like HNIs, VC, and Angel investors, who can enable these associations to get the support you need. As it were, there can be critical alternate routes to figuring out how to move toward significant entryways all alone.

How much amount Does a Fundraising Consultant Charge?

This is a dubious inquiry to answer because there will never be a strong, straightforward answer. Consultant charges vary from individual to individual and association to association. For the most part, the expenses an expert charge that will incorporate the administration they have given you notwithstanding taking care of their costs for things, for example, charge, protection, preparing, and costs brought about by them.

Most good fundraising consultants charge either on a day by day rate or by a fixed expense. Once in a while, with any decent consultant request to deal with commission premise. Truth be told, that might be an indication that the individual or organization isn’t reliable.

In case you’re searching for a rough approximation of the amount it would cost you to enlist a freelance fundraising consultant, underneath mentioned are the average statistics, which fundraising consultants receive, over various services-

a) Call with a Celebrity Investment Banker on Idea Validation, how to prepare your Pitch deck and Fund-Raise Process — One Session of one and half hour of -Rs 5,000 — Rs 10,000

b) Pitch deck Preparation — Full Project — Rs 10,000–25,000

c) Financial Modelling — Full Project — Rs 25,000–50,000

d) Idea Validation, Pitch Deck and Financial Modelling — Full Project: Rs 50,000 — Rs 1,50,000

However, In India, lot of fundraising consultants usually work on a retainer plus success fee system.

The entire cycle of finding a respectable and fruitful fundraising consultant can be overpowering, as there is by all accounts an industry that has arisen around the ‘Start-up’ area . However, even if you do get the ideal fundraiser consultant for your start-up, it is quite challenging to be able to retain their attention in the company for a longer-run, as these consultants get 10–15 requests per day on an average, which might cause hindrance in the smooth functioning for your company.

Also, considering the number of struggles start-ups face during the process, that’s where consultants arrive and ease it up for them by doing the job effectively, who are well-enlightened with the process and filter requirements, saving ample time and effort.

With FlexC, we guarantee you not to frustrate using any means in giving our fundraising expert team to your requirements and have the option to fill the monetary holes for your organization.

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