07 Best Recruitment Platforms and Agencies In India

07 Best Recruitment Platforms and Agencies In India

Recruitment platforms play a pivotal role in an organisation’s hiring process.They connect candidates with companies fulfilling their hiring requirements. While these platforms can make the recruitment process easy, they can also lengthen the screening process by showing too many irrelevant profiles. Hence selecting suitable recruiting platforms is crucial to ensure a smooth long-term hiring cycle.

There are many recruitment platforms in India that list candidate profiles and operate in various niches. However, it may not be easy to find the best platform that works for you. Here are a few renowned recruitment platforms which can help you find the best talent.

  1. 01- LinkedIn:

    Established in 2002, Linkedin is a professional networking platform with millions of candidates and recruiters connecting with each other to find opportunities. Linkedin offers a number of features to improve user experiences such as, finding jobs using specific keywords, location and nature.

    Linkedin also serves as a platform for recruiters to understand their interests and gain insight into potential hires. All they have to do is visit their profiles.

    Recruiters can also approach passive candidates on Linkedin and ask them to apply for roles they may be interested in.

  2. 02- Naukri:

    Naukri is one of the oldest and most prominent recruitment platforms in India. It offers a huge database of candidates. It makes it easier for recruiters to find a wide range of potential talent to choose from. The platform filters help job seekers with the latest trends, career guidance, information about top companies hiring and interview questions. The job portal also provides additional services through its Hiring suite that assists with end-to-end recruitment.

  3. 03- FlexC:

    An AI-powered talent marketplace, FlexC helps organisations hire and manage their hybrid workforce. It is India’s only platform that helps organisations find freelancers and contractual and full-time employees on one platform. Trusted by more than 500 organisations and startups, FlexC improves a company's hiring process 2X.

    FlexC’s AI tools help with profile screening, interviewing, onboarding, BGV, monitoring productivity and payments through an interactive dashboard. Companies can hire candidates from a talent pool of 65000+professionals across various skills. It also has a separate network of 400+ recruitment agencies that helps companies find the best talent.

  4. 04- Randstad:

    Randstad has established itself in the industry by providing quality talent across various sectors. Headquartered in Chennai, It is one of the leading recruitment agencies in India with a presence in over 20 cities. The organisation offers many services like permanent and contractual staffing, recruiting personnel and HR-based services.

  5. 05- Glassdoor:

    Glassdoor began as a popular recruitment platform in India for companies and employees to write reviews and share their experiences about an organisation. Today, glassdoor also serves as a recruitment platform for job seekers and recruiters as well. Glassdoor has become integral for recruiters and companies to find top talent and build their employer brand.

  6. 06- Kelly Services:

    Kelly services is one of the leading recruitment agencies in India having its presence spread across 6 locations with their registered office in Gurugram, Haryana. It is renowned for their staffing arm providing quality recruitment solutions to their clients. Kelly services have a considerable mark in the Indian staffing industry and have specialised in scientific hiring, mid-senior level hiring, IT, financial and functional recruitment.

  7. 07- ABC Consultants:

    It is one of the pioneer recruitment agencies in India with a rich experience of 44 years. They are one of the most preferred recruitment agencies in India with more than 500 consultants providing tailor-made talent solutions. Spread across 9 cities, ABC consultants provide recruitment solutions to some of the top MNCs and business houses in the country.