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Freelancing Mindset- Shun The Anxiety

India is changing to “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, are you ready?

Today, world is moving towards freelancing jobs. 49% of companies already employed gig workers and 65% plan to increase the no of gig workers over 2–5 Years. Freelancing can undoubtedly be a full-time job. It has lot of flexibility and can help you stick to any talent you are an expert in and the one you love to work on. As long as one is self-motivated, disciplined, committed and passionate about work, . Working hard and believing in oneself can help achieve success. Being a solo entrepreneur, failure will also be seen and that might impact temporarily, approach to solve and moving forward makes one much more mature.

The guys who are highly skilled, focused and fervent excel well and good money follows. After all, freelancers are their own BOSS and don’t have to deal with office politics, there will be no degrading, no hiding keeping one always be relevant and in demand. There are few things which if kept in mind will definitely help succeed because freelancing is not easy, but at the same time it is not complicated. Platforms like Flexc Work, Upwork make it much simpler. Key areas to imbibe –

Self-discipline — Yes, one has to be self-disciplined when you opt for freelancing. As a freelancer, deadlines are still to be met, but no one is going to check when you took lunch or a nap after that. Time management to get into the work and complete it on time is key attribute

Believe in yourself — This is important in every field, but to become a freelancer one need to have the courage and commitment from within. Choose a field or technology to work on where you have the talent and interest.

Many people think it’s risky in today’s economic climate to opt for freelancing, but the fact is, it is risky to rely on one income source as well. As a freelancer you have plenty of opportunities to explore all the time.

Many who have not entered this field of freelancing , might find lot of doubts kicking in. All these are based on what other people say. Unlike traditional employment, one gets a chance to have more challenges across different clients. This will shape overall thought process keeping away from restrictions and limitations of growth. The job of a freelancer is to remain sharp and to keep working smartly than pure hard work as measured by employment. India is changing to “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, how ready are you?