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Want to start a career as a freelancer? If the on-going patterns are to be believed, freelancing in India will be the new work culture. According to Wikipedia, India positions as the 2nd largest freelance labor force. The freelance culture has gradually advanced into the Indian market due to its adaptable nature and way of life it offers. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the companies are looking for ways to reduce the number of full-time workers and evaluating 'alternate workforce model' with freelancers. In short, the new work culture is here to stay.

The time when freelancing was something that students and housewives would do to earn extra money is gone. The myth that people who do not get jobs opt for freelancing was long ago proved wrong when Wikipedia stated that by the end of 2020, 50% workers are expected to go freelance. Freelancing is a career in itself and is rapidly growing.

Starting a career as a freelancer might seem risky. But the freelancing platforms are your best bet at securing a job. They provide you with a way to approach companies and get the job best suited to your abilities. This is where FlexC comes in. FlexC is India's first AI enabled freelancing platform. With 200+ organisations posting projects already, FlexC gives you amazing opportunities to build and grow your freelancing career.

There are 3 aspects through which FlexC helps you - FlexC Work, FlexC Force and FlexCelebrity.

  • FlexC Work – If you are looking for something to do along with studies or maybe want to pursue your passion alongside your job, this is the place for you. FlexC Work is a marketplace to do side gigs in the field of Content Writing, Video editing, App Development, etc. This is a great start for Early Career Learnings (End to End project execution, Interaction with Customers, managing time), and experimenting new areas. This is a good platform for 0-8 years' experience.

  • FlexC Force - Enterprise Model where Mid and Large organisations employ and manage flexible workforce with short-term and long-term contracting. This model provides little more stability for freelancers to have projects which are of 6-24 months cycle time. Beneficial for professionals with 8-15 years' experience. Freelancer can also start a boutique agency and register on the platform to execute projects using freelancers on the platform.

  • FlexCelebrity : This model is used for Senior Executive for Mentoring, Consultancy and Program Management, all organisations can manage senior professional's contracting through the platform.

Starting anything new needs a lot of courage and patience. If you wish to start as a freelancer give your career time and work hard on growing your profile; because as easy as it seems, freelancing comes with its own share of hard work, dedication,discipline and sleepless nights. Choose between flexibility and at will to be governed by organisation, challenges to structured way of working, managing E2E or focusing on part of the overall project. Choice is yours.